Clinical HypnoTherapy Certification (C.HT.,) an IBCP Member: My Certification Specialities are; 1. Corrected Weight & Nourishment 2. Physical Pain Management & 3. Quit Smoking Cigarettes. I use NeuroLinguistics, EMDR, Exposure Therapy, Day & Dream Journaling, Meditations & Mantras 

Medicine Buddha Mantra: I received the MedicineBuddhaMantra from the His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and have used it since 2009 to reformat my reality & master the Blue Light (Ray) of Electrical Healing.

Reiki Master: I have the honor of direct lineage from Dr. Usui through my Master degree. Touch Healing is a key element to experience & use in healing therapies. Reiki it literally the laying on of hands, by which we transmit loving energy into the body circuitry.

Wedding Officiant and Minister for Life Events with Universal Life Church (Super Easy! Anyone who wants to, should get this one!) 

Philanthropy: The Social Garden 501(c)(3) is a membership based nonprofit that supports & collaborates with community gardens & agriculture programs through raising funds & awareness. Our mission is: Advancement of agricultural science for health and industry through community education and experience for humanity and the Earth. Victory Garden Sanctuary 501(c)3 is a Beautiful Haven for youth coming from human trafficking & cults. Ensuring a successful future for our guests, we use interpersonal communication & a vocational training program to encourage career development with mental & physical healthcare programs that are professionally developed using traditional & alternative methods of therapy. The end goal is for our guests to live as happy, active & responsible citizens.  

Bachelor of Science Graduated from The University of Redlands with an Emphasis in Industry Analysis. Corporate Healthcare Industry for 17 plus years experience in Executive Management, Distribution, Sales, Logistics, Analysis, Marketing, Business Development & Analysis in the Bio-Pharmaceutical Sector
Born into an international #cult, the eldest of 13 kids, I left the cult just after my 19th birthday, with my 2 week old baby girl because I wasn't going to raise her around the abuse. She was my anchor into reality. I am very #happy to say With #meditation #journaling #professionaltherapy #selfhelp reading and #goalsetting I'm #healing and HAPPY. I've overcome a plethora of diagnosis' they wanted to plaster on me because of the ritual abuse I experienced in childhood. My reason for #therapy was an #eatingdisorder fluctuating between #anorexia and #bulimia. 

Using these skills I gained healing myself, I have become the healer. I teach others how to heal themselves. There is no other kind of healing. The power to heal is within each of us. We just have to learn to how tap into Magick, to heal everything. I was a victim and survivor, now a true Victor. 

"I am actively healing timeline stories & scripts, including my ancestor DNA, using symbolic actions that can change this matrix coding in the body. By taking responsibility for my Dark and Bright Light, I control it and use it with Intention by action. All my work is for HEALING mind body & soul..."